Thursday, September 18, 2014

We are officially on holidays!

Holidays have officially started and I am one very happy Mummy. I just love the holidays, having control of our own time, sleeping in, pj days, baking with the kids, walks together, picnics in the park and a few days at the beach. 

Today I took the kids for a scooter ride, well I didn't scooter I pushed Hetty in the pram. We visited the ducks on the way, stopped and got hot chips to eat at the park and then took our time getting home. We then all lounged around on the deck, Hetty and I had a kip and the kiddos are swimming. 

Life is great! Especially on holidays! 

To top it all off and make it even more special Daddy is on holidays too! 

Tonight is pizza party Friday night!

Happy school holidays! 

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