Friday, August 29, 2014

Sleep in!

What a morning, sleep in for everyone! Well I should mention not for Daddy he started work very early  and will be gone all day. If you are reading this Daddy we will let you sleep in tomorrow. I think we all needed the extra sleep with everyone being sick. I am so over colds and flu, I long for summer and the warmer weather.

Now that we have all slept in I'm feeling way behind.  Washing for seven can be a huge job and I have a mountain of washing waiting for me today. There is baking to be done, children to take to Saturday sport, meal planning for the week and the list goes on. I love my weeks to be planned but of late not much of that has been happening, so my plan is to get myself organized. Watch out children Mum is on a mission!

How do you all plan your weeks? Do you meal plan? Do you have certain wash days? I love hearing how other mothers do it all..... Happy Saturday!

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