Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Ok, so I am starting to think about Christmas treats and I think having something that is not rum balls and white Christmas for a change is great! Last year I was given this recipe but can't remember who gave it to me. I made these super easy, only three ingredients and addictive gingerbread truffles for end of year school celebrations and to give as a small christmas gift. They were a big hit! 

What you'll need

2 packets of arnotts ginger nut biscuits 
250g of white chocolate 
250g of Philadelphia cream cheese
Coconut to sprinkle on top of truffle, to look like snow or/
   Crushed candy canes sprinkled on top of truffle


1. Process biscuits in processor, very finely.
2. Add cream cheese, process well.
3. Roll dough into small bite size balls.
4. Melt white chocolate, using a double boiler or the microwave. If you decide to use the microwave melt on medium heat for 1 minute, stir and melt for a further 30 seconds,  repeat if needed.
5. Use a skewer to make dipping the balls in the chocolate easy and less messy. Cover completely in chocolate and place on a tray lined with baking paper. At this stage sprinkle with decorations while still wet.
6. Place in the fridge until ready to wrap or plate and serve.

These little treats are not to overly sweet, they are just so perfectly scrumptious! They look truly gorgeous put in clear cello bags and tied with a festive ribbon. 


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