Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lifes little miracles!

After a whirlwind several months packed with many events, miracles and loads of blessings I am back!.....and still trying to catch my breath!  I know many of my close friends and family are in the know as far as what life has given us this year. For those of you who don't we have been given the most beautiful blessing a gorgeous baby girl. My pregnancy had it's ups and downs to say the least. With the threat of early delivery, we managed to hold delivery off until  37 weeks, so our sweet girl could enter the world full term and healthy. Well as of today our sweet girl is 18 weeks old and yes that time has flown by so quickly. Our fair lady has grown so big and beautiful. I am making sure I never miss one bit of this scrumptious girl. I feel like we have all settled into each other so gloriously. She is such an incredibly happy, comfortable, cuddly and settled baby. Even though this is baby number 4, I really never knew babies could be so relaxed and calm, which makes me calm and relaxed. The smiles and cuddles that this beauty gives us each day makes our hearts soar. If only that feeling could be bottled! As I write this my little girl is snuggled into my chest, all rugged up in a cosy baby blanket,  these are the moments I love and cherish. I must admit, I still spend my days wandering around in complete amazement that she is here and all mine. We are just over the moon.

When I say we I also mean that this beautiful baby girl has the most adoring older sisters and brother, that just love her so much.

There are many other life  journeys I could share with you, some just to hard to put into words but then I would be here for ever rattling on so I have kept it to one of the most beautiful events in our lives.

Well to finish,  if anything I have learnt over this last year is life can be super crazy, filled with many heart stopping moments, love, smiles, happiness, peace and pure contentment and then out of the blue can come amazing gifts when least expected. There have been many valuable lessons this year, I have learnt to cherish my family more and more each day, to focus all my energy on Vintage  Daddy and my four beautiful children because they are what is most important in my life. I thank god for giving me the strength to see things through and help me see the big picture.                                    

I have many more photo's and news to share in up coming posts and of course some sewing projects and new recipes I know you will love!

Welcome, welcome, welcome sweet, beautiful fair lady of ours. My heart is full.

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